Thursday, March 17, 2011

What DID We Do All Week?

We had a terrific week! Wednesday night the boys were in charge of our family dinner and each made a pizza with ham and pineapple toppings.

Earlier in the day we visited the bird seed store. The boys thought all the different types of feeders and seed were fascinating. Afterwards we had lunch at the diner with Bumpa (my Dad). When we returned home there were bird feeders to fill and mount. I wish I had gotten pictures. I was busy supervising two little boys with paper cups and open five-pound bags of bird seed.

Monday we spent the day with Grammie (my Mom). Thursday we spent two hours at the zoo. The animals seemed excited about spring and were very active. The polar bear played in the water with a ball, the harbor seals were catching frisbees, and an elephant walked right up to us and danced. We went right from that to a St. Patrick's Day party.

Today each of the boys participated in their twice-monthly library story times. This was followed by a trip to the chiropractor (for me, although the boys love the body parts models they are allowed to work with while they are there) and the grocery store.

The boys are looking forward to finding or building a bird bath and getting it ready. I'm looking forward to making some progress on remodeling our computer room/music room. NONE of that is happening today however. Combine all the activities I've blogged about this week and they add up to two grouchy and unmanageable boys. I think we need to rest for the remainder of the day (although Kal-El is looking forward to "reading time" later and already set out all the materials). It doen't help anyone's mood that I was up with renal colic in my back in the night from a kidney stone. That was miserable.

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  1. Looks like you had a wonderful busy week. You gave me the idea to buy some bird feeders to my boys. We live next to the forest so it may be a great experience to observe the birds in action. I was sorry to read about your health problems. It must have been very painful. Wish you health. By the way thank you so much for adding my blog on your sidebar. It's very kind of you. Love. Ewa