Monday, April 18, 2011

School Day: Geography

I entered the school room this morning only to find that the boys had already gotten started. The topics of choice today were geography, geography; the ending blends "ft", "xt", and "nd"; and geography.

Just as I took the photo Kal-El craned his head to see the little light in order to confirm that I was, indeed, taking a photo. There are not as many rugs out as I would like, but the work they chose went well. Today was a good example of how the child can find connections among the materials without the directress pointing them out. When I entered the room Kal-El was using the three-part cards of the landforms to find matching landforms on all of the following: the two globes, the map of Australia, the map of the U.S. (delegated to Me Too), and his actual plasticine landforms.

Despite having introduced them in pairs two years ago, today was the day that Kal-El actually noticed with understanding that each landform has a "partner" that bears a photo-negative-type relationship to it (island versus lake, isthmus versus straight). He partnered them all up and then assembled the three-part cards along side of them. He is annoyed by the "s" in the word "island."

Assembling the U.S. map is still too difficult for Me Too, but he loves to try. He can actually find individual states by name out of the pile of mixed-up pieces, but he can only place a few states back on the map. He loves to find Florida. After giving up on the U.S. map and abandoning it he repeated the Australia map several times and compared it to the continents globe.

My Mom gave Kal-El a great book for Easter (which my family celebrated yesterday) that ties in to all of their work. The boys spent quite a bit of time poring over Our 50 States: A Family Adventure Across America.

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  1. It's marvellous that the kids are able to figure out things on their own. The Montessori method is paying off ;-). Great job boys ;-)
    Have a beautiful week ;-)

  2. I will be teaching my boys land forms soon but was wondering how to make them as to purchase them would be too expensive. Thanks for sharing.

  3. My Little World,

    I don't know if you found this already, but I have two posts I wrote on the process of making them.

  4. We used the puzzle to enhance stereognostic skills. It might be worth it. We started with three knowns (one being our state) and went from there to one more difficult one and two from the first bag.