Friday, April 15, 2011

School Days

Sick, Schmick. The boys wanted to spend time with the Montessori materials anyway. Here are some random pictures of a few of the activities from this week.

I finally figured out why Gettman's "function the decimal system" layout wasn't working out. I had it in my head that the numbers should be running away from me when he clearly states they should be running toward me. I pulled the ole' "Let me show you another way to lay this out" trick and hopefully minimized the neurological damage. This is how the layout should look:

Just in case you didn't catch Me Too in the background working on the trinomial cube:

You can see just how sick Kal-El really was this particular day in the way he is lying there limply trying to assemble the number of beads on the tray to match the card I gave him. Fifteen minutes later when he tried to read a book he jut put his head down and said "I'm too sick for this." We hustled back to the couch and to Veggie Tales.

I'm sorry, but I really dislike letting the boys fingerpaint. Every time we do it I feel like I should get an award. On this particular day Kal-El not only dropped paint on the floor, but stepped in it and walked around (not off the tile thank goodness!).

I guess the upside was the practical life lessons later received on using a nailbrush and soaking a sock.


Using and abusing the metal insets (sorry about the snotty nose).

The boys are taking care of some daffodils.

The geometric cabinet.

Me Too LOVES the sandpaper numbers.

He is getting really good with the sand tray. This sand tray is possibly the best thing I ever made for the school room.

Perhaps one of the reasons Me Too isn't progressing like I'd like in the language area is because it is hard to keep him from working on math?

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  1. wow!! A busy day!!! we just start with the land forms yesterday!!! Thanks for share your day!!

  2. You have provided them with such a beautiful enviroment that even when sick they just cant stay away! we too have recently started landforms!

  3. I hope you all feel better sson! I'm glad that they still want to do their work! I have pictures of Bunny laying down doing her work too, since her belly was hurting! :) Such dedication! It looks like your Function of the Decimal System worked out well! I did it with Bunny again and showed her how to turn the Tens bars the other way! It looks much better! We also played the game where I give her a mumber card, and she gets me the beads from the layout. Thanks for posting!