Monday, May 9, 2011

Building Things

Although nothing excites the boys quite like tools, wood, and building things their favorite practical life works in this areal were taking over the school room. They cried foul when I tried rotating some of these works off of the shelves, but I didn't have any room to put anything else ON either. The solution was to create a space elsewhere in the house (the basement) where they can have these works available to them 24/7 without commandeering a whole bookcase in the "school room."

Other than $7 spent on a big pack of pegboard hooks for the tools, I cobbled this together with what I could find around the house. I stole a table my husband bought at a garage sale to use as a unicycle jump (don't ask). The pegboard was already in place from the previous owner. The milk crate was sitting around empty in the basement. They have a little hand-me-down schoolhouse chair to sit on while they ponder their projects. I also let them annex a little space on the storage shelf next to the little table. They already have a big bin of scrap lumber to work with and they have spent many hours running down to the basement to build this or that.

In the picture, Me Too is reading some real blueprints that their grandpa sent him from his company. Very neat. Thanks Bumpa!

Now I have to go put together some new works for the practical life shelf now that I have some room.


  1. Very Fun! :) Great job mom getting that all together for them!

  2. What a fantaqstic place to work. I wish I had an access to this working station. Woodworking is such a relaxing activity and works miricles as far as concentration span is concerned. You have awesome boys. Love watching them engaged in all kinds of montessori work.
    I recommend your blog to all my friends and they are enchanted when they read your advantures. Hugs from Poland

  3. Love the fishing game! It's great when they come up with their own extensions to works.

    I was wondering if you can add our Montessori blog to your side bar.

  4. TGWPT

    Yes, right away! I don't know where you went, I'm pretty sure you used to be on there. I have a hard copy printout of my Google Reader list with handwritten notes on whether the blog has been added to the list. It looks like I might have had you under "teachers in training" at one point and probably moved you to homeschool primary a little later (I only keep AMS and AMI on the the "training" list because it is what readers expect). Maybe it didn't "take" when I moved you to homeschool primary. I'll add you again and make sure it sticks.