Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Not again.

I thought I was pretty smart when I set this large river rock on the rug by my front door.

Every time I looked at that rug it was folded in half by the wind. Just this morning I thought "Well, this big ole' river rock will do the trick." It worked well...until it went missing. One of the boys (reportedly Me Too, who denies it) removed it from its happy perch on the rug. This is despite being told multiple times "stop carrying large rocks around the yard, you'll drop it on your toe.

When I noticed it was missing (because the rug was flipped over again) I told Kal-El "help me look for it, but don't pick it up if you find it." Thirty seconds later I hear "it's over here!" I turn my head to look and there is Kal-El holding the rock. A split second later he dropped it on his toe.

We spent 3.5 hours at the emergency room this afternoon. The rock broke the toenail clean in half but did not break the toe. He will probably lose the toenail but did not damage the nail bed so it should grow back (but it may not be pretty). If you are keeping track, this is on the OTHER foot than the foot discussed back in "It's Broken" or "Unhappy Feet."

Kal-El still limps at the end of the day from that previous injury. We attended a physical therapy session for that last week. The physical therapist doesn't think anything is wrong, she just thinks it is still healing.

I had an interesting phone call from our insurance company about his original foot injury last week. They called to see if his break should be covered by someone else's auto insurance.

Me: Hello?
Ins: Hi. We are calling to see if we should be billing another party's automobile or accident insurance for your son's February injury. Can you tell me how this happened?
Me: He hit a tree while sledding.
Ins: So he was not in a car at the time?
Me: What do your records say?
Ins: He hit a tree while sledding.
Me: Okay.
Ins: Where did the accident happen?
Me: On a local sledding hill.
Ins: Was another party responsible for the accident?
Me: The tree.
Ins: I see. So are you aware of any other parties or insurance companies that we should be pursuing regarding this injury.
Me: ????

I'd better go exchange insurance information with that rock on the front porch.

Oh, and when my teachers used to say "there are no stupid questions" they were WRONG.


  1. Oh yes, reading from the screen without thinking. Cable companies do this also. So frustrating.

  2. Ok that is Funny!!!!! I hope he feels better though!

  3. Hope his toe nail will be safe and sound i no time. And the phone call .... very surrealistic I would say ;-) As in one of Kafka's novel. Warm hugs for all of you