Monday, May 16, 2011

School Days

Despite all of the workmen in and out of our house, we have still been busy learning. Kal-El worked on the word endings "ing" "ang" "ong" and "ung" this week as well as the beginning word blends "sw" and "squ." Here they are fishing for different word beginnings (single letters or blends) that could be matched up to whatever word ending (ing, ang, ong, ung) that I was holding to make a word.

Me Too obviously could not read those words but wanted to fish anyway. If he recognized the letter that he caught he would tell me the sound it makes. Kal-El read the words Me Too built. Kal-El also made him a set of number cards to fish for because he knows Me Too is still practicing number recognition for 0-10.

Speaking of which, here is Me Too matching up number cards with his number rods.

Yesterday we had both boys working with number rods at the same time. Me Too was working with the large number rods and Kal-El worked on addition with the two sets of small number rods. When I brought these out Kal-El wasn't content to work with them until he had done this little exercise he invented.

While this was going on, Me Too was bringing over different large number rods and finding the matching small number rod (also his own idea). This was good practice as he was counting both sets of rods repeatedly for confirmation.

He thought the size difference was pretty funny and each comparison had him in stiches.

A lot of collage making is still taking place.

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  1. looks like they had fun - visiting from Montessori Mondays

  2. Love the pictures!! Thank you for sharing.

  3. Busy week inspite of the workmen being in your house!