Thursday, June 16, 2011

Building a Garden

One great way to get little boys to love vegetables is to let them be as involved as possible when growing your own. We gardened in pots at our last house because it was for sale and we wanted to be able to pick it up and take it with us if the house sold.

At the new house the boys are working on a more permanent solution. Here they are at the recycling center filling buckets with free compost. They used the compost to fill the new raised garden beds they assembled themselves earlier this week.

Kal-El wants everyone to appreciate how "manly" he looks with his dirty hands:

The boys assembled the raised garden kit all by themselves using the picture on the box as their instruction manual. They did it so quickly and independently I didn't even get to snap a picture.

The next step was to fill the garden beds that they had lined with newspaper to keep the grass from growing up through the garden.

They were super proud of their work. The boys are also thrilled that the beds are still only half full. We need more dirt and they can do it all over again another day.

Perhaps soon we will finally get to go shopping for seeds and plants to fill up the new space. We also need to come with a plan to keep out the rabbits that still allows the boys access to do their own gardening.

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  1. Bumpa & I are so impressed with their project. They did a super awesome job for two little guys.

    They looked like they had tons of fun. I can't wait to hear what they are planning to plant.