Sunday, July 3, 2011

Splish Splash Summer

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  1. Hi!
    I would love to share (free of charge) easy reader books using the 40 key sound symbols. I have a comment after your fourth article about Muriel Dwyer language. Have you seen the comment and are you interested? I am such a beginner when it comes to the computer. I would appreciate any help with how to share my materials. Thank you, Barb Furst

  2. Hey,

    I have a question about spanning two developmental ages.

    My sister-in-law is working to teacher her toddler son (18 mo) and her two casa children (3 and 5). How do you handle such a wide age range?

  3. Eavice....

    Try this post:

  4. Barb,

    Send me an e-mail (through my "about me" page) so I have a way to contact you later. I have an easy idea about this, but we are vacationing right now.

  5. Your big wheel photos are awesome! Keepers for when they are bigger and driving out the driveway in their car!! (Trust me I've been through this) I love your blog, I'm a long time follower and fellow blogger.
    Thanks for being so creative and inspiring!
    In PEACE,

  6. Random question: Did you teach the "oo" from Dwyer as in "book" or as in "boot"? Also, did you teach "a" as in "am" or as in "apple"? Those two have me confused.

    And I hope the easy reader books from Barb work out! I would love something like that!

  7. My Thoughts Exactly,

    The "oo" should be taught as it sounds in the word "cook." In the beginning the digraph the other sound is represented by is "ue" as in "blue." Later when they do the phonogram dictionaries they will sort out the particulars.

    We must be from different parts of the country/world. For me, the "a" in "am" and in "apple" are the same sound. If it was a typo and you meant "aim" that sound is taught with "ai" as in "train." Regional differences create different phonetic spellings for people in the beginning.

    I have trouble with some reading materials for beginning readers because where I come from the "a" in words like "tank" and "bank" and "bang" sounds like "ai" in train not "a" in apple. Different strokes :)

    Both the Gettman and Montessori Read and Write go through the taught spelling for each of the 40 key sounds and words to go with them (like "ai" aim, "oo" book).

  8. My Thoughts Exactly,

    Another example of a common regional difference is whether "w" and "wh" are pronounced the same or differently. Where I am from they sound the same.

  9. Thanks for the insight! How funny that the "a" in "am" could sound the same as the "a" in "apple." I can't even make that happen after trying and trying. I didn't think about different accents...glad you mentioned that. That clears up my problem though. :)

  10. My Thoughts Exactly,

    I totally know what you mean. I spent several hours one week trying to pronounce the "a" in "tank" like "a" in "apple" rather than like "ai" in "train." It comes out "taink" no matter how hard I try.