Friday, September 16, 2011

School Day

Me Too wanted everyone to see that he finished his shapes booklet. He put in extra staples and extra quatrefoils because they are his favorites.

Purist Montessorians will cringe at these pictures. Me Too was having trouble counting the number rods today because he was sliding his finger along and counting fast instead of touching each segment individually. I asked him to hop his finger like a frog but he was melting down fast. I took out a frog from our miniatures collection and asked him to count the rods while hopping the frog from segment to segment. What was about to be an ended work session due to Me Too's frustration evolved into an hour's worth of serious work with the rods.

He matched the number cards (in order) to the rods (out of order).

Me Too's work inspired Kal-El to take out his set of small number rods.

We worked on addition to make tens and then talked about subtraction by dissassembling the rods.

Me Too chose several puzzles from the cultural shelves...

...while Kal-El experimented with another way to build tens.

We use the Karen Tyler albums in our culture curriculum. Here I am set up to give a couple of presentations on "what is geography" and we are beginning a unit on cartography. After talking about the map, compass, and dirt on the geography tray I presented the idea of primitive maps. We talked about the primitive map I made on the far right, traced the symbols on the paper and drew them in the sand tray.

According to the album the "geography tray" should have a permanent home on our shelves but we don't do it that way in our homeschool. It would take up too much room if we did that every time. The primitive map we be available for a while though for them to use with the sand tray.
We always have maps out to explore in their culture bins anyway and I will just add the compass to our pile of field tools (such as binoculars, microscope, magnifiying glasses, etc.,) that are also always available.

I apologize in advance for the dull picture that follows:

I just wanted to show you something new I started doing. On the wall above the child's chair is a piece of paper with vocabulary words on it. These are not for the kids to read, but are for my husband and I. On the paper I have written some words that I introduced to the boys that we want to try to fold into everyday conversation. Right now it has: geography, cartographer, teepee, addition, and subtraction. The presentation I gave on maps today introduced the word "cartographer" and "geography" today. The boys won't remember them if that's all the exposure they get. I want to try to remember to use them frequently until they are part of their active vocabulary.

This afternoon I took the boys swimming at an indoor pool. They had a lot of fun, smell good, and enjoyed practicing swimming across the pool and holding their breath. Kal-El's record today was 11 seconds.

I am very distracted writing this post today because there is a sparrow trapped in the fireplace in the next room. He became trapped there around 11 a.m. It is around 3:30 now and he's trying another escape attempt. I tried to grab him with a towel shortly after we found him but the bird is too fast for me to catch. My husband will be home soon and I am hoping that he with his jedi reflexes will be able to do the job. Keep your fingers crossed.

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  1. We also used a frog to jump along the number rods. With skills like counting with 1:1 correspondence which require a lot of repetition to learn it doesn't hurt to make it fun. My son is close in age to your son and just mastered the number rods. He also is working on sequencing numbers 0-10. I like the idea of posting vocabulary words. Thank you for posting your sons' work sections it gives me perspective and keeps me inspired.