Tuesday, September 20, 2011

School Day

Three-hour work periods just aren't long enough anymore! The boys were so busy during their work time today we didn't even get to the math presentations I had planned. What can you do...you eventually have to eat right?

A lot of language work happened today. Me Too had mastered the sandpaper letter "b" but had not been introduced to the "d". When I brought out the "d" he told me that it made the "b" sound like in "bear." (This is one of many reasons to introduce cursive first by the way: no reversals.) So, before we practiced the "d" I brought out the "b" so we could compare them side-by-side. I also brought out a large d/b from our movable alphabet so he could see the "flipping" motion.

After the confusion was, at least temporarily, cleared up Me Too completed a "d" versus "sh" sound sort.

He LOVES these little homemade sound books. They have the letter on the front and then a bunch of pictures of things that begin with that sound inside. Every couple of days he hauls out the basket of books he has collected to this point and reads them ALL.

Both boys sat at the kitchen table to do our HWT work (which to them is just "work" like anything else). Me Too worked with lowercase letters (Yes, there are pants on the floor behind Me Too. No, I don't know why.)...

...and Kal-El with uppercase.

I generally prefer the candid/working photographs like this one:

However, the boys are on a kick. They insist that their Grammy likes the pictures better when they smile for them. When they catch me taking a photo they usually ask me to retake it with a smile for Grammy.

For this reason you are going to see a lot of cheesy smiles for awhile (No, I don't know what letter Me Too has supposedly drawn here. He is on task with smiling for Grammy but apparently not on task with his letter of the moment).

Me Too some time to feed Bill the Beta who has been with us since his June birthday (thank you Grammy!).

In the interest of keeping it real, it is 11 a.m. at this point and I have apparently not done anything with this mornings' cereal bowls.

If one cheesy smile at a time isn't cute enough for you, how about two? I have mostly kept the boys together in our culture sequence. It's just easier. They like to sit on this little bench (indispensable in our classroom, usually for me to sit on, because it's so easy to move around) together to listen to "group" presentations. Today they received another presentation on maps.

My little cartographers learned to map a shelf. Don't panic, Kal-El is not writing on the furniture. We lined the shelf with paper for this.

The items on the shelf were a little too bulky for Me Too to trace successfully so I had him redress the shelf with something he was comfortable with. He wisely chose a few insets.

Me Too's attention span is a little shorter so he was done with map-making after this. Kal-El was self-motivated to expand the activity and created his own extension. He drew little pictures of things he wished to purchase on our hardware store errand promised later in the day. Then, he drew me a map of how to find these picture messages.

Ahhh...the hardware store. Kal-El always seems to have a mental list of things he must have in order to build whatever his latest dream project is. Then he proceeds to patiently try to trick you into procuring them somewhat like that kid in A Christmas Story when he wants that BB Gun. He drops the item casually into conversation and draws pictures of them to leave lying around. It is impossible to go to the hardware store to pick up a can of spackle anymore without a five-year-old begging me for sheetrock and joists to build his own house across the street from ours. This weekend he decided he is an entomologist and wants to start a rather large live insect collection. He tried to get me to buy him plywood, screen, and a staple gun so he could charm his Bumpa into building him 37 bug barns (Why didn't I have girls? Why does Montessori have to teach them such large numbers?). Most kids try to get their parents to buy them a candy bar in the checkout lane. My son whines for lumber.


  1. HA!! I love this post sooo funny...reminds me of my Mr. Man :))

  2. LOOOVE your blog Cherine. It's been one of my new favorites. When I saw your son in his Green Lantern shirt a couple days ago I looked up your profile to see if you lived nearby. Alas, we are not Canadian. Too bad the boys can't get together. I'm sure we'd find PLENTY to talk about.