Wednesday, September 28, 2011


This is a little activity I threw together to help Kal-El with a tricky word.

In a previous post I talked about how I use the text from The Ordinary Parent's Guide to Teaching Reading to make readers for Kal-El in a progressive and organized way that makes sure I am introducing new "rules" on a regular basis (certain blends, soft c/g, etc.,).

The word "strength" was going to a reappearance in one of our homemade books and I remembered Kal-El having a little trouble with it in the past. This one can be difficult because it has so many "grouped" sounds and so few single-letter phonetic sounds: the blend "str", the blend "eng", and the digraph "th".

This is super easy to do. I wrote the word strength on a scrap piece of cardstock. I used a pair of fancy scrapbooking scissors (my Mom gave Me Too a large collection of them as a Christmas gift) to cut the strip into the three sounds.

Kal-El and I practiced the sounds separately. Then, I asked him if he could figure out how to put them together like a puzzle to make a word. After reviewing the sounds separately like that he had no trouble sounding it out.

He also had no trouble a few minutes later when the word appeared in context in this book for today.

Me Too always hovers when Kal El is having a language lesson. He thought this one was particularly fascinating. Both boys acted out the word when Kal-El was finished with the puzzle.

Whenever I make something like this, I leave it out on the language shelf for a little while (until we run out of room and I purge some of the older things). The boys frequently pick up little things like this and putz with them on their own time.

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