Wednesday, September 21, 2011

What DID We Do All Week?

Here are some fun glimpses of things we did the week outside of Montessori.

Played the soprano saxophone:

We spent Saturday with entomologists at a local nature center's BUG DAY!
Here are the boys EATING CRICKET DIP (Yes, it contains actual crickets). They also ate mealworms. Of all the things at bug day Me Too was most excited about the prospect of eating some bugs.

They held some pretty common things like this roly poly...

...and some less common things like African millipedes and Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches.

Their experience with our microscope at home really prepared them to get some value from the many microscope displays at the bug fair.

The award for the funniest thing either one of them said this week goes to Kal-El who said: "Mom, I bet some bugs like to hide down in the dirt to protect them from creditors!"

Kal-El, who has never seen Star Wars, checked out a Star Wars book from the library this week. He built three Imperial Walkers like this one on his own based on the photographs of scenes from the movies.

The boys are always pulling out the collage materials. Here is Kal-El's collage of "a neighborhood" made with scraps out of a big box of leftovers from Grammy's scrapbooking (thanks Grammy!).

All throughout weekend the boys would convene in the school to work with the constructive triangles and the stereognostic bags with blindfolds. They said "no adults allowed!" Consequently, I have no photos.

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  1. What a fantastic week! I love all the activities and the bugs hiding from creditors was so funny!

  2. Adorable and joyful! Thanks for sharing and following my posts!