Thursday, October 20, 2011

Busy Day

The boys are having some quiet time in their rooms right now so that they will be rested for the afternoon ahead. This morning Me Too worked on pattern blocks and practiced the violin. Kal-El learned to play Twinkle var. A on his violin, learned about "ce" at the end of a word, and practiced division with the golden beads. I had hoped to get to Handwriting Without Tears today, but didn't. We are only managing to do HWT once a week right now. We do more than one "day's" worth of work when we work with it though. I really need to increase our frequency regardless. Kal-El has been doing a lot of writing on his own, making books, etc., He wrote a book yesterday titled "Kal-El and Me Too" and it was about a ball lost in a pond. Me Too was angry because Kal-el wrote in all capitals (because that is how far we are in HWT) and Me Too only recognizes lowercase letters and couldn't even find his own name.

We plan to go to story time at the library this afternoon. I spent a few minutes last night making a long list of things I want to read to them from The Read Aloud Handbook. It took me about a half an hour this morning to round up the 29 books we already have checked out. One problem with having all of our books Dewey decimal labeled is that it is hard to distinguish the library books from our own.

After story time we are meeting their long-standing playgroup at a private home and will play the night away.

If you were at all interested yesterday when I related what I would do differently when making my reading folders, I added one item to that post today. I remembered suddenly this morning that I realized after I printed them that I would have personally preferred a different font (so that the letter "a" would be more "Montessori"). I could have easily changed it if I had thought of it before I printed, but did not and didn't want to burn through more colored ink reprinting. I just wanted to give everyone a heads up in case you all were trying to be consistent with the font you use on your homemade materials.

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