Thursday, November 10, 2011

Bead Materials

I had an unpleasant surprise today when I went to my materials storeroom to retrieve the 100 chain for Kal-El. SOME suppliers (IFIT for example) include both the long (cubing) chains and the short (squaring) chains in their "complete material." SOME suppliers apparently don't include the short chains in the "complete" material (cough, cough, Adena). Some suppliers (A Plus for example) are completely ambiguous about this (Although, I suspect the short bead chains are missing because I don't see them in the tiny picture cabinet. They would be on the shelves in a groove that runs along the front of each shelf in front of the squares).

I have edited my post here to reflect this information. I also noted that the original list of materials in that post does not include enough 1000 cubes. Moosehuntress' original list would only include one beaded thousand cube that would come with the complete bead materials. You need at least nine so most people add a box of 9 wooden 1000 cubes to that order. You will not be able to do the 45 layout if you only have nine, but that is only one skipped activity and is not even included in some albums. appears we are in possession of a 1000 chain but no 100 chain. I placed a small order at A Plus Montessori today which will hopefully resolve that problem quickly. In the meantime, I'm trying to decide if I'm opposed to presenting the 100 board before the chain rather than after. I also added a set of solid grammar symbols our order because I only own a set of the flat and felt we have some use for the three-dimensional ones as well.


  1. Hello,

    Oh no! Hope your new order is complete and comes quickly. Could you make a chain with your 10 beads to use until your 100 beads arrive? I think the 100 board and 100 beads both take time to master so he will have the chance to return to 100's beads when they arrive.

  2. I've never presented the board without the chain first. I don't see anything wrong with it as far as pedagogy goes. I would think the chain would be easy to follow and allow for counting to flow while the board requires some level of abstraction of quantity that may or may not be lacking.

  3. Well, the good news is that A Plus sent me a notice that they had "shipped my order" one hour after I placed the order:) I should have them by tomorrow or the next day and we have plenty to do with the ten boards until then. Both of you had good advice, and "eavice" I agree with what you said about abstraction.