Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Elephant in the Room

The elephant Christmas tree in the room...

I'm super glad that I took photos of the school room for the "tour" before I plopped this elephant-sized obstacle in there. It is definitely in the way, but so festive to us that it is worth working around for a few weeks.

Oh dear, the boys are building with blocks behind me as I type. They are building a "superhero headquarters." I just heard Me Too point to a section he built and say, "And that's the school room..."


  1. Gorgeous!!! So beautiful and Big!!!! That's an inspiration, having so beautiful tree at you're school room!! I want to study there!!lol Happy Holidays!!

  2. Beautiful tree! I love that Me too added a school room to superhero head quarters. My son has always been proud of his home studio. For a long time he thought everyone had a Montessori Studio in their basement.