Wednesday, December 7, 2011

It's Beginning to Look a lot Like Christmas:On the Shelf

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I have spruced up some of our works for Christmas. Here is a little peek at what the boys have been enjoying from shelves.

Christmas cards and counters (not pictured: 1-5). The little Christmas tree lights are from a bag of 100 I bought last year at the craft store. The snowmen are leftovers from a package of ornaments-making kits from last year as well. They would be even cuter if I put their decorations on.

This is how it looks on the shelf. FINALLY a use for all of those little holiday bowls we've gotten as gifts.

Nutcracker/number matching cards. These are available free at

The control of error is actually that the last card doesn't match the last number if you've made an error. I also wrote the numbers on the back of the cards. Me Too's favorite part is flipping them all over at the end to see them all matching.

It was fun putting seasonal items in the tray to go with our balance. The boys enjoy creating little "weigh-offs" between various combinations of objects from the tray. The tray has jingle bells, "snowballs", "five golden rings", candy canes, and Christmas lights. The lights are actual lights from our Christmas tree. As I replaced all the dead bulbs this year, I put the dead ones in this tray for safekeeping (it was near the tree at a good height on the shelf) and decided to leave them there!

A full set of these snowman sound cards are available free at I will warn you that you cannot use the vowel cards from the set unless your child knows both long and short vowels.


  1. Love the cards and counter variation, so festive. Thank you for sharing.

  2. I always love finding new blogs with tot trays! I am a new follower of your blog and hope that you will follow me back :)

  3. Hello. I know you must be super busy, full time mom of two boys and teacher. Wow. Can you please tell me where you bought the balance scale. Been searching for a good one for my son. Thanks.

  4. M-U Aficionado,

    You freaked me out a little bit because I am posting about using the balance today coincidentally but haven't posted the post yet!

    Here is a link to my original post all about the balance and where I got it: