Friday, December 16, 2011

Number Rods and 1000 chains...

It is Math Madness over here! I think having a 1000 chain spread across the whole house from days on end is inspiring work with numbers, numbers, numbers...

Me Too worked with the number rods today. He worked through all the ways to make eight, and all of the ways to make seven.

He had me take this picture to be sure that Grammie could see how he does it.

Kal-El is still working on labeling the 1000 chain. I think he is up to around 400 right now. He is counting it twice for each label which makes it take a little longer. He is skip counting by tens to find the next label. However, after he finds the label he likes to use his bread-bag tab to count each individual bead to "check his work."

I explained more than once that he only has to count it one way or the other but he is a cautious kid.

He also likes to read through all his labels each time he reaches a new 100-square. In the above picture he is counting by tens up to about 300.

Kal-El took a series of pictures of his work today. Here is his first one to show the length of what he has labeled. I will spare you the other six shots he took to document the labels every 50 tags or so. I haven't attempted to photograph the whole chain on the rug yet. The light was horrible again today. This may be beyond my photography abilities because it starts in the super bright school room, passes through a dim foyer, only to encounter a third variety of crummy light in the office.


  1. Nice 1000 chain mat you guys have. It is always a delight to see Me Too smiling while doing math. I forgot about our small number rods that I have, thank you for including this picture in your post today. The chain is a very difficult material to photogaraph, I give Kae El(sorry if I misspelled the name) two thumbs up for his photography. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Just discovered your blog on Pinterest when I was looking for ideas for our Australia Unit Study. Love your continent box for that and thanks for sharing the idea of the Australia animals Toob. What wonderful ideas. Looking forward to your updates. Following your facebook page now. ~Julie