Friday, December 9, 2011

School Days

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You will not see much of Kal-El in this week's school days post. He has been working on handwriting a ton and also spent the week absorbed in the many ways to write and read "long A." He spent most of his week designing and making nine "Power Rangers Training Jackets" for all of his friends. Each one has different "markings" so he was very busy getting them just right. A full pad of construction paper and a box of staples later they are just about perfect.

Here is one side of his red ranger jacket:

Perhaps you already read my tweet about the jackets? Did you know What DID We Do All Day is now on Facebook and Twitter? You can find my Twitter and Facebook links in the new and improved right-hand sidebar. (We have a new header too...Things have been a-changin' around here!) There is not much there yet as I just started a few days ago. On twitter you will find the random thoughts I have throughout the day that are either too short for a blog post or long forgotten by the time I write one. On Facebook I am posting links to items that I bookmark or star from other Montessori blogs. It should become a good place to borrow some great ideas from the Montessori community.

The upshot of all that superhero madness, is Me Too had a lot of solo school time. It was much appreciated as Me Too gets super jealous of Kal-El and really enjoys being the sole focus of my attention.

This is one of the stereognostic bags. It is the one with the three different sizes of buttons.

Playing "knock, knock" with the sandpaper letters. We knock on the back and say "knock, knock!" Then, "who's there?" Next, we flip over the letter and Me Too says the sound that this letter makes.

This is available free at Sources for our other Christmas materials can be found in this post.

Working on capitals and lowercase together. This is new for Me Too. I didn't plan on teaching him uppercase until later, but he is getting really frustrated when he observes Kal-El's work and doesn't recognize the capitals. He has been visibly relieved now that he knows some of the capitals. He is almost ready for the movable alphabet. Maybe January?

Identifying initial sounds on the snowman sound cards.

Teamwork with big brother working on numbers and counters! He doesn't need to work with these anymore, but really enjoys them so I decided to keep a version of them out until we run out of room.

Now that we are finally working with all of the stages of I Spy with the sound in any position in the word Me Too is very interested in our I Spy Phonics Fun books. We read a few of these repeatedly this week.


  1. Good Morning!

    I was wondering where you found your letter printables? I tried to look at the snowman page up close to see the copy write and I could not quite read it! :). I have been looking for them and would appericate it if you could point me in that direction. Thanks!

  2. Sarah,

    I posted about our Christmas materials earlier this week and gave sources, but I see I left that one out. Like most of our others, it is from

    Hope that helps!

  3. Wow! Great work day! I am always so amazed at how great your boys are at reading and writing! I really need to figure it out better for my girls!