Saturday, January 7, 2012

Check out who turned SIX last month!  How he got to be SIX already is just beyond me.  The years are flying.

The poor kid had to make his own birthday cake because that just how we roll around here.  Me Too felt sorry for him and jumped in to help.

 It is Power Rangers all the time around here.  This is super cheesy, but super easy:  I decorated his cake by finding pictures on Google images to print, laminate, and tape to straws so I could stick them in the cake.  They double as puppets afterwards and they are easy to reuse if you have to make a birthday cake twice as we always seem to.

 These boys may look innocent and congenial while they enjoy the cake, but don't be fooled...

...cake just isn't safe with Daddy around.

No worries.  Kal-El got his revenge with our extend-a-fork.  Take that Daddy!

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  1. Too cute! Happy Birthdsy Kae-El!! My kids and I were just talking about how they're making their own cakes this year too:) Thank you for sharing.