Friday, January 13, 2012

Letter "Z" Objects...and a zucchini rant

These are the objects from a sad, sad little sound bin.  Our letter "Z" sound bin only had three objects to photograph:  zipper, zebra, and zig-zag.  Fortunately I remembered to present this in the summer when we had a zucchini to throw in.  I can only do that in the summer though, I have yet to find an artificial zucchini for our collection.  If you are a manufacturer of artificial vegetables for toy kitchens duly note that there is a valuable hole in the market to be filled here.  Just think of it, kids could practice for zucchini season by filling paper bags with the toy zucchini and pretend to leave it on neighbors' doorsteps.  Maybe when we get our  Montessori elementary albums there will be a presentation on how to properly dry and varnish a zucchini so we can add one to our collection.  Then we could also add "zucchini polishing" to our practical life area.  Wow.  I think I'm up too late.  Anyway, I also throw in the sandpaper number "zero" when I present this letter, but I forgot to include it when I took the photograph (Me Too always insists on putting it back where it belongs and won't leave it in the sound bin).  Another suggestion might be "ziti" but my kids' noodle knowledge stops way short of ziti.  Should I throw in my lemon zester?

The little letter "Z" book didn't fair much better.  The only nice addition it had was "zoo."  Zoo is a good example of the type of thing I like to put in the little books...a logical picture but tough to use as an object.  Our "Z" book has a couple other less helpful additions:  zinnia and zither.  Both are rather wishful thinking regarding the grasp of Me Too's flower/instrument vocabulary.  I'm a musician and every time I see the zither picture I think "autoharp."  Not helpful.  Maybe a picture of zits?  That would definitely break my "never teach them a word you don't want them to use in public" rule.

My best advice?  If your child knows anyone whose name starts with "Z" (say he has a friend "Zachary") throw a picture of him in the bin :)

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  1. What about a picture of a zamboni? I reduced the size of my felt food pattern and made a tiny zucchini for my son's sound box. I would gladly send you one for Kal-El and Me Too's sound bin.

    I bought a copy of "Words their Way" when Borders was going out of business. The lists at the back have been helpful for setting up sound boxes and sorts. I am enjoying your sound bin posts. It is always fun to find new additions for our sounds boxes.

  2. This is way late and your boys probably don't use the sound bins any more...Anyway, IKEA has a collection of play foods and one of them we use as either a zucchini or a cucumber.