Thursday, January 5, 2012

Magic Show

 Kal-El in his magic outfit

The boys were lucky enough to have their cousins (who live quite far away) come and stay with us for a full week after Christmas.  On New Year's Eve all four kids (4,6,8, and 10) presented us with a 30 minute magic show.  They spent the whole day preparing...making hats, wands, magic tablecloths, dressing rooms, billboards, and magic capes.  My 8 year-old nephew is the lead magician.  He has been "studying" magic tricks with my FIL who is quite good and he can complete many "real" tricks.  He ran the majority of the show, but each of the boys performed 2-3 "tricks."

Here Kal-El is turning a golden dragon into a flag.  He wrapped the dragon in a bandanna.  Then, both Kal-El and the bandanna disappeared under the table for several minutes.  When he re-emerged, there was a flag in the bandanna instead.

Me Too scaring everyone with a rubber rat.

Me Too's big trick was to have his stuffed doggie disappear.  He would say "hocus pocus...make doggie disappear" and then toss the dog out of the family room.  Another time he tried to stuff the dog in his shirt.  It became tangled and the trick didn't work so he said, "let me try this another way...hocus pocus...Mommy?  Can you make doggie disappear?"

Kal-El watching the older cousins perform tricks from his perch in one of the "dressing rooms."

 They were very proud of their magic hats.  

There were many card tricks.  The older cousins were very convincing.  Kal-El would have you choose a card and show it to him.  Then, he would turn the fan of cards around, remove the card you showed him and hand it to you.  Magical!

My in-laws took the whole family out for pizza at dinner time. Dinner and a show on New Year's Eve...what more could I ask for?

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