Wednesday, January 11, 2012

School Days: Other Works

Language works earned their own post today. Here is a selection of some of the other works the boys did this week.


Kal-El worked very methodically with the United States puzzle.

He removed just one piece and put it back.  Then two, and put them back.  Then three, and put them back.  He continued in this manner up until about 12 I think and put it away.

Me Too is reviewing world flags in hopes of having more added to his collection.

He says he wants to be a "flag expert."


Me Too worked with the knobless cylinder extension cards (free cards available from Polestar Montessori here)....

...and the xylophone.


Me Too worked on subtraction with the small number rods.

He prefers these to the large one I think because they are less cumbersome when he does this type of work.

Kal-El is practicing dynamic addition, subtraction, division, and multiplication in preparation for the bank game.  Here he is loading up a tray:

Both boys love to pull out calculators when we are working with the golden beads.  They like to use them at the end of each "problem" in one of two ways.

They think it is neat the that calculator gets the same result that they do.  For example, Kal-El will bring me the beads and number cards for 3256 and 2362 and then add them together to find 5618.  Afterward he likes to punch 3256 and 2362 into the calculator to watch it also find 5618.  (Me Too likes to just punch in one of the 3256.  He hasn't figured out the operations buttons yet.)

Another way Kal-El likes to use the calculator is to watch the individual number cards add up to the larger number.

If he brings me 3513...

...he will sometimes pull out the calculator after he stacks and names the number so he can punch in each card individually (3000, 500, 10, 3) and watch the calculator find 3513.

He gets the answer correct 100 percent of the time when he does the work with the golden beads and cards.  He often mistypes the number when he puts it into the calculator.  For this reason he has stated that Kal-El is "better at math than the calculator is."

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  1. Haha! I love his conclusion about calculators! I hope he holds on to that conclusion too - trusting himself more than a machine ;)