Monday, March 12, 2012

Welcome, Montessori Print Shop!

Please welcome and visit my lovely blog sponsor, Montessori Print Shop.  They will be helping to make it possible for me to continue to answer that never ending question, "What DID we do all day?"

Those of you who have been reading this blog for quite some time know I don't mind digging in and getting my hands dirty if DIYing a Montessori material will save me some money.  However, the further I get into our homeschooling journey the more I appreciate the value of my time.  I have gone as far as to give an hour of my time a monetary value.  I estimate how much time I will spend making any particular material and weigh the value of my time against the cost of purchasing the material outright.

The reasonable prices over at the Montessori Print Shop keep me coming back for printables.  I really appreciate going to their site to "click, print, teach" rather than continually reinvent the wheel deciding what to put in the materials, search the web for images, and spend countless hours trying to get it all formated  to something approximating a uniform size.

If you ever think of something you need while reading my blog, you can now conveniently click over to their site through the thumbnail in the left-hand sidebar.  Happy printing!

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