Thursday, March 15, 2012

You might have a Montessori child if...

This is one of those statements that lets me know we are on the right track.

I mentioned yesterday that the boys like to mention particular things that the love that the hope will be in Heaven when they get there.  In the car yesterday...

Kal-El:  I hope there's mountain biking in Heaven.
Me:  I hope so too.
Kal-El:  Will the obstacles be easy?
Me:  What do you think about that?
Kal-El:  I hope they are still tricky because I am never amazed by myself when things are too easy.

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  1. Ah, this made me smile! Thanks for sharing! :)

  2. So great! Carol Dweck would be very proud!

  3. Ha! That's so awesome! I really enjoyed this b/c I'm an old mt. biker, who'd be happy w/ the easy obstacles. haha. Keep lovin' those challenges, Kal-El!

  4. Wow! It make you think about how we veiw challenges! I love it when kids share their thoughts!

  5. Makes me think of a comment from Andrew Pudewa DVD during our Speech homeschool coop class last week. Of course he was talking about persuasive speech and reciprocity which may seem totally off subject but nonetheless - he said the literal translation of "Thank You" in Japanese is "You have honorably made my life more difficult." Ah, if only more people had the *honorable* perspective of a child who loves a challenge!

  6. Wow! What an amazing insight for someone so young. You must be doing something right!