Friday, May 25, 2012

Fun Flag Works

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I pulled together a couple of fun flag works for the boys to satiate this week's flag obsession.  I made them each a book of black line masters for the flags of Asia that are represented on their beginners' "pin map."  The pages tell you what color to paint each area in fine print with a little arrow.  Me Too will probably just match the black line page to a real pin map flag first and copy the colors from there.

The 8.5" x 11" pages were printed from Enchanted Learning.  I seem to get my money's worth from that site year after year.  If they are still interested after they finish this book, I can make them some flag paper that provides only the rectangle and they can draw everything from scratch.

Also from Enchanted Learning was the file to make this "Flags of the World" wheel.  It only features 12 flags but now that I have the template it will be easy to make more in the future if I wish.  The boys had a lot of fun with this today.  I keep finding it in the bathroom.  It must make for excellent "on the potty" entertainment.  I think I'm on to an untapped "strewing" location for little boys...who knows how much more they could have been learning I had been leaving educational artifacts near the potty all along?

I've made spinning wheels in the past.  This is the first time I've made a dodecagon.  It is much, much faster to cut out the dodecagon than a circle.  Genius.

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  1. I love that dodecagon - and it has geometric teaching properties ;) On a practical note, it looks like it will line things up nicer - with the circle you never quite know where to stop and it is easy to be off.

    My son races in and out of the bathroom as fast as possible so we can't do "reading material" in there - but it sounds like you're on to something in your home ;)

  2. I love that you noticed the bathroom strewing thing - it took me over ten years of marriage to figure out the power it had over my husband :)