Thursday, May 17, 2012

Memorization of Addition

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Well, these pictures didn't get lost.  Yesterday Kal-El finished writing out all of the addition tables into a little book I made him.  He reads the equation in his book, builds it on the strip board (unless he already has memorized it and knows the answer), and writes the answer in his book.

I made the tiny little book that he writes in.  I printed the pages for free from Liveable Learning.

After he writes in all of the sums into the book he checks his answers against control chart, also from Liveable Learning.

After he finds each equation on the chart, he compares the answer on the chart to that which he wrote in the book and places a check mark next to the sum if it is correct.

If you would like to see a really nice overview of all of the works in the memorization of addition sequence, there is a fantastic post here at Ecole et Cabrioles.  It is in French, but a translation button pops up in my browser automatically.

I read earlier this week in a Montessori elementary album from Mid-American Montessori that Maria Montessori said that if a child does his tables five times he will have it memorized.

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  1. Wow! Awesome! I just pulled out some addition tables for Bunny today! I got mine from Montessori Print shop and I havent made my strip board yet. I let her use the beads, but she did it in her head! I guess that the goal right? Kal-El looks like he is doing an amazing job! I'm glad to know if we get through them 5 times we will have them memorized! :)

  2. 5 times - but then keep using them ;)

    My son had everything memorized, then life situations got us away from all things math for several LONG months. He picked it up fast again - but thought I'd share. I think it just got buried in his brain is all. :) The nice thing is, once it's there, the review and picking it up again is relatively painless :)