Saturday, May 26, 2012

Need Dirt!

Last week the boys assembled two new sections to add to our raised garden beds.

All I did was cut open the packing tape on the box. The boys hauled and assembled the beds without any instruction from us!

If only we had some dirt!  It looks like the planting will be done late again this year.  We get our dirt/compost for free from the recycling center but there are only limited hours, two days a week to pick up. Today was one of those days, but we are having a rainstorm.  Rainstorms make for miserable dirt hauling.

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  1. "rainstorms make for miserable dirt hauling"

    UNDERstatement! ;) We've been there!

    Yesterday my son helped a friend clear a back room of his basement - I didn't think he'd want to do it (cold, dark, creepy basements with bugs and mice) - he jumped at the chance! Long boards to drag up and out; "heavy" rocks to carry out. This is big-man's work! :)

    Raised beds are so much fun!

  2. We also set up a raised garden bed this year in our small yard, and it is children's favorite place! I can't wait until everything will be full of greens... ;-)

    Your boys are doing great job! I hope you will be able to get some dirt soon, it is so much fun for children to watch vegetables groving... ;-)

    Cheers from Montreal,

  3. Jessica, He is SUCH a boy!

    Pani, Thanks for commenting! My husband dressed it all up with a gravel path and pavers too. Still no dirt :)

    I can't wait to get started!