Friday, May 4, 2012

Noun, day 6: Person, Place, Thing

Some may think that we would have learned that a person, place, and thing is a noun before day six.  I for one remember chanting "a noun is a person, place, or thing" as a child in a traditional school.       However, Montessori grammar lessons focus on the function of each part of speech.  While it is true that persons, places and things are nouns, I feel that teaching that as the definition of a noun takes the focus away from the noun's function.  The Montessori grammar lessons teach that "a noun is a naming word" and that "persons, places, and things are nouns because they name."

Again using the blank, laminated noun labels I made (I wrote the labels with a simple washable marker this time.  Overhead projector markers are still the winner...less smudging.) I wrote the names of various person, places, or things on the labels for Kal-El to sort under the proper heading.

Me Too desperately wants to stay with us through the grammar work.  This work is not typically (at least according to my album choices) part of the primary experience.  However, as long as he is interested and understanding I am going to keep him with us.  For the end of the first-year noun sequence this means I have to make him his own work.  For a beginning reader like Me Too, one way to do this would be to stick with phonetic vocabulary and have him read labels just like Kal-El.  We have done a lot of that lately, so this time I gave him a little break and used a material that could also be used with a pre-reader.

I found this material for free at Early Learning with Marta and Eaton.

I am super excited because we have only one presentation left (common versus proper nouns) before we get to the traditional Montessori animal homes, animal groups, and animal young work.  The boys are really going to enjoy those!  PLUS, when we get to that work I'll be posting a super fun giveaway!

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  1. You could try a sharpie for your labels for no smudging. Pretty sure a little rubbing alcohol will get it right off.

  2. Greatn post! I just love how Montessori does grammar! Can't wait to introduce it to my little monkey! I pinned your post here and invited you to post on the board: