Monday, August 20, 2012

"Curriculum" this year

This is the time of year when it is fashionable in homeschooling-blog circles for one to blog about the curriculum they intend to use for the upcoming "school year."  I usually abstain because my "plan" can usually be summed up as follows:  "We will be using traditional materials and presentations from the Montessori scope and sequence in an order determined by the boys' interest and development."  Due to the fact that so many of my readers know exactly what those "traditional materials and presentations" are and what they look like, there doesn't seem like much to report.

While that statement holds true again this year, elementary Montessori is a little different.  Elementary Montessori requires me to incite Kal-El's imagination and desire to learn about his world by telling him the story of life and the world we live in.  Once that interest is is piqued I am to allow him to chase down one rabbit hole after another.  The challenge is have on hand, or a quick plan to get, materials that will allow him to pursue those interests in a timely fashion.  There is a lot of latitude in what one may have on hand to achieve that delicate balance of enough resources at home to get the child started but not so many as to discourage "going out."

So, it looks like this year I have a few things to report!  I thought I would talk a little bit about some of the resources I've chosen to have on hand.  There are also some areas in which I've "gone rogue" and bought some curriculum, although I may or may not be using them in the manner in which they were intended.

Tomorrow I will be back to talk about our plans to meet Kal-El's new elementary "pack instinct".


  1. Awesome! I am trying to get it all together for Bunny! I am thinking that this is going to be super fun, but again, getting that balance will be tricky for me! :) I cant wait to hear your plan for that!

  2. Hi, so glad to see you blogging again. Will be interesting to see if you go down the creation or big-bang theory. One reason that I still choose elementary for next year is to give rather the creation story.