Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Museum of Natural History

While the Museum of Modern Art was not necessarily my cup of tea, I absolutely LOVED the Museum of Natural History.

The Museum strongly brought to mind Curious George.  So much so that I told the boys that I visited the museum where "the Man with the Yellow Hat" works and saw the dinosaur skeleton that George knocked down.  They were tickled pink.

That museum is a homeschooling family's dream.  I felt downright GUILTY being there without the boys and lamented the unlikelihood of ever being able to take them there numerous times to my husband.  He cheered me up by reminding me that we visit D.C. once a year and that I can take them to the Smithsonian instead.  At any rate, if you ever have your little ones in the vicinity take note that it would be a shame to miss out on this treasure.

One of the moments that made me feel the most guilty was viewing this 60-foot blue whale.  You can't imagine how much time we spent last year in the front yard (and those of our neighbors) pacing out the lengths of various whales and sharks to get a feel for their tremendous size.  To have this fantastic example hanging above my head was almost more than I could bear.

Speaking of bears, Me Too loves bears and I wish he could have seen this skeleton of an ancient cave bear (it also brought to mind Clan of the Cave Bear).

If I ever needed evidence for myself that I love my kids, this trip was it.  It is often said that you know that you love someone when you see something wonderful and all you can think of is having them there with you to share it with.  That feeling was overwhelming so often on this trip.  One such moment was standing in front of this slice of the trunk of a Sequoia and viewing the rings.  Many of the rings are labeled with a historical even that was happening at the time a particular ring was formed.  So neat!

I took a break while typing this post to purchase a season pass to our own local history and science museum.  We will definitely make multiple trips this year despite the fact that it cannot hold a candle to what we saw in New York.

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  1. Wow! That is really cool! I totally think about how my kids would love something when I am out without them too! If I were in your shoes, I probably would have cried a bit and then filled my camera card to the limit! :) That is an awesome place to visit!

    Oh by the way, I am hosting a weekly linky party, Taking Time Tuesday. Would love to have you join if you have some time! Happy Summer!