Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Wabbit Season

While I continue to deal with my start of term panic attack and mull over the excellent advice in the comments as they continue to roll in, I thought I would post about a lighter subject.

Both boys finished the primary zoology and botany albums this summer.   Summertime is a really easy time of year to work on those albums because we are actively engaging with nature everyday.  We like to work with what we have, which this summer was RABBITS.  Boy, do we have rabbits.  Mommy does not want rabbits.  We are the only family in our neighborhood without a dog so the rabbits have targeted our yard for reproduction.  We dealt with two litters in the nest this summer and one after they left the nest.  Who knows how many we missed.  The rabbits chew our trees, our hoses, and eat our garden.  The rabbits were not welcome to stay.

One morning we awoke to baby rabbits having breakfast all over our yard.  They needed to be stopped.  We informed the boys that it was "wabbit season."  This is a complex process that involved explaining the concept of "hunting seasons," a short talk about opera, Wagner, Looney Tunes, watching the video above, and a LOT of marching around the house singing "kill the wabbit!"...don't judge, the rabbits were relocated rather than killed.  It's a socialization thing.

Once he understood the task, Kal-El donned his gear and sat down at the patio table to plan the "hunt."

Baby rabbits are fast and experts at hiding.

We called in the "big guns" (Dad).  He's the fastest human at our house.


Uh oh!  Anyone seen Gremlins?

This presentation was NOT in our zoology album!


  1. You caught rabbits! That is very clever of you. Now, how was the stew?!!!!

  2. You've got to try to make a rabbit box with the boys. In my experience with elementary boys, traps are a hit. And it reaches back to the coming of man. The rabbit box doesn't kill the rabbit it just traps it.


    Also rabbits are a great way to discuss reproduction from a scientific standpoint (the math is great). Rabbits are nearly unique in the animal kingdom.

    I grew up with beagles and hunting rabbits - in fact, Thanksgiving is the first day of hunting season, so we always have rabbit for Thanksgiving dinner. Morbid but my dad grew up in the depression and his food thoughts made me a bit eccentric.

  3. Bahahahaha! This is awesome! I love it! I especially love the pictures of the rabbits in the scale! This is priceless! :)

  4. And you're worried about elementary Montessori? You just did it right there with the rabbits! :) Basic presentation - then run with it!

    I love that photo of your son planning. Such a similar posture to my son when he's "planning" (lately he has been calling it "scheming" - I might need to work on clarifying some vocabulary ;) ).

  5. Annicles and EV:

    I'm not sentimental about animals, rabbit stew or roast would have been fine with me if they hadn't been so little! My husband and the boys were a little too attached for that strategy though! EV, I can't WAIT to get on that rabbit trap. PERFECT! Thank you!

    Stephanie: LOL!

    Jessica: Well color me surprised :) Feel free to add marching around singing "kill the wabbit" to your zoology album.

  6. Haha! We'll include that as "cosmic education" - you have movement, music, zoology, language (singing and play on words ("wabbit")), culture (Elmer Fudd should not be missed in American culture!)..... Now that's cosmic education ;)

  7. I totally missed this post!! I love it! DJ would of never left your house. This is a great post! I love the weighing of the rabbits too.

    Thank you for sharing.