Wednesday, October 3, 2012


Me Too's work with the 100 board and 100 chain has been particularly meaningful because we recently celebrated a 100th birthday in our family.

Their great-grandmother turned 100 back in August!  

Grandma at her 100th birthday party.

Me Too is super excited that he can now count all of Grandma Great's birthdays.

Every time he finishes assembling the board, he sits and thinks a little bit about how much CAKE she's eaten!


  1. Yeah! Great work Me Too!! How blessed you all are to be celebrating Grandmothers' 100th birthday. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Wow! That is so cool! Congratulations to your grandma! But seriously, I laughed out loud at Me Too thinking about all the cake! :) That is something to think about! ;)

  3. I can't find the 100 board listed in Gettman or MBH, does it come before or after the 100 chain? We are getting ready to start the ten board. Since I've seen that it can take a while to get materials I was trying to figure out if I need to go ahead and get my chains, then I realized I don't have a 100 board! Thanks!

    1. Mel,

      The 100 board is not on original Montessori material. It was added by AMS. Gettman and MBH are both AMI so you won't find it (and don't have to do it if you don't want to). I can't think of any online AMS albums offhand for you to check when this happens. If you can' t find a material in your AMI sources, check the Montessori Research and Development table of contents. You can print them out or view them online.

      At any rate :) The 100 board is after not only the 100 chain, but the 1000 chain. MBH recommends waiting to introduce the tens and teens boards until after the child has been doing the collective exercises with the golden beads for a while. (You want them to refer to things and 'one ten and five units' or 'four tens' for a while so you really grasp the place value).

      When they originally count through the golden beads they will count (like in the picture of Me Too in the rh side bar under 'which bead materials do I need to buy') like this "3 tens, 4 tens...." etc., The 100 chain, 1000 chain, then finally 100 board is when they count through saying "fifteen" and "thirtyfive."

    2. Thanks, I was wondering why that work was missing! I think I waited a little late to start presenting some of these works, so we have been able to go through them pretty quickly (if I can get him to pay attention long enough.) I put off my last purchase because I didn't have a good handle on the sequence. (If you recall, I was very disorganized during my last discussion on purchasing math materials :) ) This time I'm going to try to take my time and have a good understanding before I make a purchase. I like the idea of the 100 board and how your boys have used it, so I was going to include it even though I didn't see it; I just wanted to make sure I put it in the sequence in the right spot. If you have a sec, maybe you could pop over and check my list :)