Thursday, October 18, 2012

Addition Board 4? 6?

Kal-el is working on the fourth addition board or sixth addition board depending on how you count know, the empty one that you fill in with the tiles :)  I snapped a few photos during a single equation this week and just had to post a bunch because I wanted to remember the range of emotions he goes through in such a short period of time.

Happily singing out the equation off of the prepared ticket.

Now very serious.  Thinking of the answer.

Super-satisfied finding the right spot on the board for the answer tile.

An overhead view of his layout.

Kal-El says that "this board is so fun it shouldn't be allowed."

He also pauses between each equation to stand up and do a few ninja moves, sound effects included.


  1. "Kal-El says that "this board is so fun it shouldn't be allowed.""

    My day is totally made! THAT is fantastic!

  2. Awesome Work! I have the printables from Montessori print shop and had Bunny glue the paper tiles down the right order. She thought that was awesome fun! Since then we havent touched it much. Maybe seeing Kal-El having fun will encourage her to try some more! :)

  3. I love his quote- that's awesome!

  4. Stephanie - gluing the tiles down sounds like something my son would have enjoyed at that age :) Maybe I should have done it that way just once, then had a non-gluable version for repetition purposes. Glue for attraction; non-glue for the Montessori principle of repetition :)

    Neat idea!