Saturday, October 20, 2012

School Days

As always, I have a random selection of pictures that didn't wind up in any other posts this week.

Me Too is learning the addition snake game.  I love this photo because I happened to pick up the camera at that those of you who have done this with a child will recognize as that "perfect moment" in the snake game.  He's counted to ten, left his counter in position, placed his ten bar and his black placeholder beads, and is about to discard the bead bars he counted.  I think we are hitting the memorization works at just the right sensitive period for Me Too.  At the lunch table a few days ago Me Too decided it would be fascinating conversation to tell me all the ways he could think of to "make five" (he called it "spell five") using both addition and subtraction.  I don't think he missed any either!

I gave both boys a presentation on acute, obtuse and right angles.  Unlike the presentation on the lengths of a triangles sides, they loved this one.  Kal-El thought of the constructive triangles right away and the boys each pulled out a few boxes to see what kinds of angles the triangles had.

Me Too looks so serene while working on Handwriting Without Tears.

I love this shot of the boys working on their books together.  I wish every moment was like this, but frankly they fought a lot this week.  About five minutes later Me Too was screaming at Kal-El because Kal-El had moved on to math.  Kal-El likes to do "ninja moves" in between activities, and during math even between each problem.  Me Too was furious because the ninja moves were distracting.

Me Too has also announced that he doesn't want to learn anything Kal-El already knows how to do.  He only wants to learn things Kal-El doesn't know.  Try planning presentations around that criteria!

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