Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Sneaky Language Work for Young Spies

Spies have to be sneaky...just like the consonant combination "gh" which, in English, is often sneakily silent.  This week, Kal-El was studying words that use the silent "gh."  You may remember that we've practiced word in the past using a spy filter to decode.  This week Kal-El had a new decoding wheel that needed some action.

I made a stack of index card, each with a target word in code (such as "straight," "taught," or "flight").  Kal-El decoded each word and reported his findings to spy headquarters (me).

We followed that up with some more mundane sentence/picture matching.  As always, I pull the word lists and sentences from The Ordinary Parent's Guide to Teaching Reading and then find photos online to go along with them.

I also made him a small, illustrated reader that practiced silent-gh words that I titled Flight at Night.  Again, I pull the text for those from the OPG as well.

Kal-El read 15 books from the Nate the Great series this week.  They are below his reading level (even Kal-El said, "they're almost too easy"), but perfect for pleasure reading.  After reading about how dangerous it is to be a spy in another book this week, he has decided that becoming a detective or "inspector" might be a better plan.

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