Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Truth in the Tinsel: Days 5-10

 Mary by Kal-El

We are still chugging away at  Truth in the Tinsel.  The boys are really enjoying doing a morning devotion like this.  I think one of the great side-effects of this program is that 30 days of this really is a good way to kickstart a daily devotional habit.  Does anyone have a children's devotion program/book they recommend?  Do any include a daily craft like this?  This week I photographed Kal-El's individual ornaments.

  Mary and Elizabeth by Kal-El

  Mary's Song by Kal-El

   Sun by Kal-El

  Joseph by Kal-El

    Dream by Kal-El

 Me Too's ornaments

Looking for music to go with Truth in the Tinsel.?  I curated a collection in this post:

Musical Companions for Truth in the Tinsel.

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