Monday, December 10, 2012

Weather and Space

It may be quiet on this blog during at least the early part of this week.  I am SO buried by my "to do" list.  So, my Mom graciously took the boys today so that I could unbury myself at least part way.  Tomorrow we will be gone most of the day.  We are going to the mall (shudder) to have the boys picture taken with Santa and to do some shopping (another shudder).  I have run out of liquid foundation for the second time in 11 years and I haven't bought new jeans for two.  Since we are already going to be in the mall, I might as well take care of those things as well.  Wish me luck!

My sister bought the boys the Green Science Weather Station Kit.  We will use it along with our the early lessons in the R.E.A.L. Science Odyssey, Earth & Space  book that helps me manage Kal-El's science addiction.  It has an anemometer (the boys are blowing on it in the picture), thermometer, wind vane, and rain gauge.  The boys assembled it last week and we will put it outside and start recording the weather hopefully on Wednesday.

We also started some astronomy last week.  I am presenting a hybrid of lessons from Karen Tyler's astronomy album and the Keys of the Universe geography album.  Last week the boys learned about the universe and started work on the solar system.  In the photo the boys are picking through a bin of shiny doodads (we are easily getting our money's worth from the "sequins and spangles" bag from Discount School Supply) to choose items to create their "universe in a jar" from the Karen Tyler album.
In addition to the stars and glitter Karen suggested, the boys each chose shiny circles to be planets.

Just a tip:  the album calls for a few drops of oil in the water.  I did this with Kal-El's and wasn't thrilled with the result.  It just made the objects all stick together.  I used liquid glycerin in Me Too's and it worked beautifully, just like a snowglobe.  Use the glycerin!


  1. Fun!! Now I must get that weather kit that I have been eyeing for about a century now!! I brought so many kits that didn't live up to the expectations. Most of the kits I buy are really for me:)
    Thank you for sharing

  2. We're starting that RSO book in January. However, I will be doing it out of order so it fits with our Classical Conversations memory work. Where does one buy Liquid Glycerin?

  3. FUN! The two weather we kits we had were duds - let us know how this one goes because I DO want to try again!

    Liquid glycerin could be purchased from soap-makers who separate the glycerin out when making the soap (I prefer to mix it back in if it starts to separate so that our homemade soap is still moisturizing and sudsy - because we make ours from scratch (lye, oil, water) --- many companies separate the glycerin out because the glycerin can be used in many other ways thus more profitable (and leaving store-bought soap drying to the skin without adding in additional moisturizers ;) ).

    I personally am trying to figure out how to make those glycerin bars that can be used as base for homemade soap (by those who don't want to start at the beginning with the lye - because it IS dangerous!) - because the few times I have separated out the glycerin for the fun of it, it doesn't harden. Ever. :)

  4. MBT you make me laugh! I love that comment about liquid foundation and outdated me! Good luck with your shopping experience - hope it lives up to your expectations ;)

  5. I bought the liquid Glycerin at Walgreens. Any drugstore should have it. I don't know WHY they have it, but they do. Just ask the pharmacist.

    I keep it on hand for making bubble solution.

  6. I just had to do a search to for what purpose glycerin would be sold at the pharmacy (it is a common ingredient in some creams, usual toothpaste, shaving gels and the like - even in some foods).

    I found: suppositories. I guess that makes sense.

    But that's not weather and space related ;)

  7. AWESOME! We did the universe jar last week and had alot of glitter in it. Like you it was unimpressive! I didnt have glycerin, so we just used water! It worked out better then the oil, but it isnt as cool as I wanted it to be. Our space unit is alot like your sounds like it is going to be, and hybrid! I cant wait to see what you do with the boys. We are at a point where I am trying to figure out what is next! Good lUck
    Oh...and we hit the mall yesterday! Whew! I am glad that's done! Happy Shopping!

  8. Found glycerin at Hobby Lobby. My Walgreens was trying to sell me glycerin suppositories for $7! I remembered Hobby Lobby has a soap making section. $3. Much better deal, for a lot more glycerin!

    Do you recommend the weather kit your sister got the boys? I've added it to my Amazon cart for when I have money in the budget for school supplies.