Saturday, January 12, 2013

School Days

As always, here are glimpses of some of the boys activities this week that weren't featured in other posts.  I have three different cameras I use throughout the week and one is missing as I write this post. That  means some of my pictures are missing too :(  Above Me Too is working with some fraction materials.  The circles, squares, and triangles were all in use this week.  Kal-El and I played fraction dominos a few times and he likes to have them out to visualize the equivalencies.

This is a photo of how the boys greeted me for the start of a school day one day this week.  They had assembled "classmates", packed a lunch, and put the lunches in their backpacks which they wore over coats that they put on.  Kal-El even got dressed! I guess they just wanted to experience the standard American "getting ready for school."

The boys made personal timelines this week.

Above is Me Too's (meeting Mommy, first birthday, potty training, learning to ride a two-wheeled bicycle, catching baby rabbits).

Above is Kal-El's (meeting Mommy, first birthday held by Grammie, xray from swallowing a nail, first baseball practice, learning to skateboard).

Kal-El worked with three bead chains this week (4's, 2's, and 1).

You can see from his expression here that he finds the one "chains", square, and cube amusing.

Because I have been adding bead materials to the cabinet as he does them, this week was the first week ALL of the bead materials were in the cabinet.  Kal-El enjoyed making a tower with the bead cubes and then a "matching" tower with the bead squares.

Me Too is visiting Grammie and Bumpa all weekend.  Kal-El is enjoying a weekend at home without him.  He tried to pack a walkie-talkie in Me Too's suitcase so he could talk to him while he was gone. He has also given a little speech today about how wonderful his little brother is (I wish I had it taped to play back all the other days of the week).  That said, he is taking advantage of Me Too's absence by doing a lot of science experiments Me Too doesn't have the patience for and gorging on NOVA videos Me Too doesn't have the patience for.  So far it has been the two-part special on telescopes "Hunting the Edge of Space" and he has started one specifically on the Hubble "Hubble's Amazing Rescue."  Last night he tried to make his own telescope using two magnifying glasses and a piece of PVC pipe.  We tried it out on the night sky but it was cloudy.  This afternoon we've done five or six "CSI" investigations.  Fun times!


  1. My son was adding to his timeline of his life this past week - how funny that yours were making theirs!


  2. Hahaha! Bunny brings her backpack to school alot. The one days she and Pup sat on the steps...I mean bus...before they got to school! :) I love all the bead work you guys have been doing! It looks like an amazing end of the week!