Saturday, January 5, 2013


The boys have two older cousins (my husband's brother's kids) that live halfway across the country.  They all come and stay with us for a week at Christmas and again in the summer.  They don't get nearly as much snow where they live as we do here so sledding was definitely first on the "to do" list after it snowed.  The picture of Me Too above is proof that they did SOME normal sledding (one person, one sled).  From what I can tell from the rest of the pictures the guys brought home, I'm not sure there was MUCH normal sledding.

All four kids coming down the hill together.

All four kids AND my husband coming down the hill at once.

My two kids coming down the hill ON TOP OF my husband.  (This is starting to sound  a little like "Go Dog Go!")

My BIL coming down the hill standing on the sled?  From the looks on their faces, even the kids seem to know this is a bad idea.

And of course, there were many snowball fights in the backyard...all of which ended with someone crying.


  1. I love winter! These pictures are awesome! It looks like a really great time!

  2. My kids would love to sled and make a big snowman! Looks like lots of fun.