Monday, January 28, 2013

Timeline of Life

We finally did it!  Today I presented the Timeline of Life. 

It was not a big hit.  How do you know when your Montessori presentation has failed to inspire?  One child gets up halfway through and says "Mommy, I don't find this interesting" and leaves.  Your oldest child lets you finish and says, "Oh."  Then, he gets up and pulls the stamp game off the shelf.



  1. Nothing can beat the Stamp Game! Ken tried to do the Stamp Game to solve a division problem with a two digit divisor:) Then looked at me like I was crazy. She said I thought you could solve any problem with the Stamp Game. LOL.

    Isn't it great to know that it is there when they are ready? Don't forget to connect those zoology and
    and botany lessons when the occasion arrives, and Dinosaurs( boys love dinosaurs).

    Thank you for sharing!!

  2. Ohhh...that's how I felt with the story of numbers and the story of language. just hasnt inspired any work. In fact, we are kinda hitting a dead end on almost all the lessons. I have been presenting lots of geography lessons about the earth and Bunny told me the other day that she really doesnt care about them. :( Maybe its the way I tell the stories and lessons. I am sure that your boys will start to look at that timeline though and really get excited about things before you know it! :) Good Luck and Happy Schooling!

  3. Same thing at our place, though I haven't presented the timeline yet. I knew she would not be inspired, so we've been reading the Jennifer Morgan. Book and life story by Virginia lee burton, which has gotten her interested in microorganisms for now. Also check out fossil facts and finds website, they have some cool lesson plans. The first great lesson is so awesome and nothing that follows can live up to that excitement! Good luck!

  4. Thanks guys. It's nice to have someone to commiserate with. My timeline came with books and research cards. I also have a fossil kit that specifically goes with the timeline. I'm pretty sure those things will spark the interest. I was looking for some other things to go with, so thank you MttP for the advice. I just don't know if I want to bother when they are still so interested in the geography lessons (unlike Bunny I guess).

    DM...I can't tell from your tone in your comment whether or not you didn't have the presentations or just Ken didn't. You probably already do. If you don't, my primary albums have the instructions for doing the stamp game with two and three digit divisors if you don't have them. I could send them to you. We've skipped those presentations for now. I'm afraid of all those skittles. Anyway If you DON'T have the presentations I can get them to you so you can restore Ken's faith in the stamp game.

  5. You've found out what happens when you just have a few children ;) In a classroom, there is almost always a small group of children who are shaking to get their hands on any of these materials or do the work themselves; with many of the children saying, "Oh ok. That's cool." and go off and do something entirely different.

    I still keep moving forward with the Great Lessons - so that they still get the big picture. Then, interest will be struck on next year's re-telling, or working on something else and you say, "This was in our Story of Numbers, remember?" They say, "No" and you go get any related chart and re-cap that part of the story.

    My son was reluctant to do much with the timeline of life the first time through; told it with my co-op children and suddenly he's in the group that is re-creating portions of it, following the lines on it, reading the text boxes that we didn't read during the presentation... but I had other children in the same co-op class who just said, "That's a lot of animals! Can I go work with the bells now? When will you show us the rest of the letters?" (I had elementary children still learning to read/write in cursive - that's where their passion was!)

    So - nothing lost with no interest! You've planted a seed ;)

  6. Maybe you will get a spark when you do the black ribbon (placing a few props along the way) :) Best wishes

  7. Well I just learned something new! Please, please if you can send me those presentations.

    I must of overlooked this! When I saw her doing this I had no clue where to start, so I assumed that the stamp game did not cover this. I only made the two digir divisor connection with the Racks and Tubes. Montessori is so full of surprises.

    I have some work to do:)

    Thank you so much!!

  8. Discovering MOntessori -

    the idea with the stamp game is that if you have a divisor of 23, you'll have 2 blue skittles (1 for each of the tens) and 3 green skittles (one for each unit). When dividing, give each of the tens, ten times as much as the units - so that each "unit" still gets the same amount (since each 10 is 10 units, it's like a family of 10 squished into one skittle ;) ).

    Then you can use 3-digit divisors too ;) It basically all works the same as with the racks/tubes, just a bit more on the basic side to provide some baby steps into it.


  9. Thank you ladies for helping me learn more about the Stamp Game.

    Ken has written in her diary that Yes she was right and Mom was wrong:)