Thursday, March 14, 2013

Google Reader to Disappear!

I opened Google reader this evening and a message popped up letting me know that Google Reader will no longer be available as of July 1st.  If you subscribe to this blog via Google Reader you have a few months to find another alternative and resubscribe.

I found an article today titled "Google Reader is Dying, But We Have Five Worthy Alternatives."  I was disappointed to see that the number one suggestion on their list is Feedly.  I have been using Feedly on my iPad for about six months and much prefer to use Google Reader.  The only reason I don't use Google Reader on my iPad is that it doesn't work very well on the iPad.  I wish I could say I like Feedly a lot.  I like the format.  I can use it intuitively.  The main problem is that there is no way to pin a post to Pinterest from Feedly.  To be fair, it is not very easy to pin anything to Pinterest from an iPad in the first place.  I even put the Pinterest app on my iPad, but apparently while you can look at pins on that app, the only way to pin (as opposed to repin) something is to manually enter the web address into a box at the top and THEN pin it.  Who wants to type web addresses manually on a tablet.  Yuck.  I looked into it and Feedly is hoping to provide pinability (new word!) sometime in 2013.  Until they do, I'm kind of stuck.  I try to do most of my blog reading on my desktop computer so that I can pin as I go.  If I have Feedly on my desktop as well it will be a pinning nightmare.

While I'm on the topic of Feedly, the only other thing I don't like about it is that it doesn't pull photos well from blogs.  When you open Feedly you generally see a page of 3-5 teasers for different blog posts with an accompanying big pretty photo from the post.  At least, that's what you see for the "big blogs."  For many of the smaller blogs I read daily Feedly usually pulls the blog header instead. Not FUN!  When you choose a particular blog in Feedly, if it is one of the "pull header" blogs you see a list of post beginnings accompanied by a bunch of thumbnails of the same header again, and again, and again.  For other blogs you see a nice variety of pictures related to the post.  I subscribe to my own blog just to keep tabs on what is going on there.  2/3rds of the time it pulls the first picture from my post as it should, 1/3rd of the time it pulls my header.  I have no idea why.  This never happens in Google Reader so I can only imagine it has something to do with the way Feedly pulls a photo.

So right now I am crossing my fingers and hoping that Feedly takes advantage of the big opportunity it has as Google Reader closes up shop and cleans up its act.  Either way, its time to start looking for solutions!

On a similar topic, my number of subscribers plummeted from 1000 to 232 as of March 7th.  Either I did something offensive I don't know about or something is up.  Apparently this has happened to a lot of people, or everyone, and many don't even know yet.  I would transfer my subscribers to another service except 80% of them are currently lost!  Ideally one would transfer when all of their subscribers exist!  AAAGH!


  1. thats really frustrating - I have heaps of blogs on google reader. Why are they folding it??? BTW it has taken me around 7 goes to get passed your spam blocker number/word entry thing. that really bugs me

  2. Michele,

    I think the article I linked to may talk about the "why" a little bit.

    Sorry about the spam blocker problem :( I tried not having one for several months. The problem is that I need to be notified by e-mail every time a receive a comment so that I can read them and reply. Unfortunately, when the spam blocker is off I receive more than 100 spam comments daily which is way too many for me comb through in my e-mail. Do you have trouble with captcha in general or just on my blog?

  3. I figured out how to do the pin thing so it's not a total pain on mobile devices (I read the majority if my blogs while I nurse!). If you have a web browser that you can sync with your device (for me safari on my desktop and iPhone/iPad) then you can add the pin it button to the bookmarks bar. Later when you are browsing on your phone/iPad you can hit the bookmarks button and it will pop up the "bar" in a menu form and you can "pin it" in the traditional desktop way (it brings up photos for you to choose to pin).

    I have no idea what I am going to do about reader. It's stressing me out as I'm just starting on Montessori homeschool with my 4 year old. I already feel like I have a ton of catch up to do and have starred a lot of posts (from your blog and others). Now I have to sort those somehow, and reorganize them.

  4. Ugh, thanks Amber. I have read a couple of tutorials about putting the pin it button to an iPad and it is awful. However, it still doesn't solve the problem. When I use Google Reader and want to pin I click on the post title, it opens in a tab on my browser and I pin it.

    In Feedly the post opens IN feedly. If you click "go to website" it opens IN Feedly. Feedly does NOT have a pin it button. I have to look again and see if you can even pull the web address. The only way to do it would be IF you can pull up the web address in Feedly would be to install pin it on the browser, pull up the web address in Feedly, copy it, leave Feedly, open your browser, paste the addy in the browser, use the new pin it button. I don't know if you have a PC tablet or iPad, but installing the pin it on the iPad is a really weird work around. I would do it if it weren't still so ridiculous hard to pin from Feedly where I WOULD like to read blogs because they are so much prettier there than on Google reader.

    You brought up a good point, I have starred items to clean out to. I try to transfer them to Pinterest, but sometimes I have things I didn't want to pin because my boards are so public.

  5. I haven't tried Feedly at all, I'm going to let my husband hunt down the perfect thing for me, I'm not patient enough to try them out.

    Have you utilized the secret Pinterest boards? Right now you only get three, but I use one for school planning and find it helpful. I pin articles to read, videos to watch, materials to make/buy, and I don't have to worry about the pictures on the pins making sense to anyone but me.

    I'm surprised Pinterest doesn't come out with a sort of reader themselves, that would solve all my problems.

  6. When I read your post, I did a quick google search.

    I don't know if it will work, but sign the petition. Maybe they will change their minds!

    This site says let's keep it or open source the code so that someone else can pick it up.

    One of the reasons I chose to put my blog on google is because it is so easy to subscribe. I use Feedly and it automatically syncs to Google Reader.

    As far as pinning, I do it two ways. I open the post in my brower or I cut and paste the URL into the Pinterest app.

    I am not really all that fancy with technology, but I try.

  7. As soon as I heard the info about Google reader I did a quick search of my options and picked Feed Demon. So far I like it better then GR and it transferred all of my subscriptions for me!

  8. Shannon, I googled feed demon and the first article that came up said that it is shutting down also. Google "feed demon dying." I have a Mac so it wouldn't have worked for me anyway, but you might want to keep looking.