Saturday, March 23, 2013

Pinewood Derby: He Won!

Kal-El took first place for his den and third place overall at the Pinewood Derby!

His car had to race in four heats against other cars from his den.  His car won all four heats.  Here he is at the moment that he had just won his fourth heat and realized that he had won first place for his den.

Celebrating with Mom moments later.

He just couldn't believe it!  These things are notoriously hard to win and I had been mentally preparing him for what I thought was the inevitable for weeks.

He spent over a month slowly building his car with his Dad.

Kal-El's car is number 21.  He is super proud because he participated in every step.  This wasn't a car that "Dad built" it is a car they built together.  My husband is very hands-on, emotionally accessible father in the first place, but I can't praise scouts enough for the work they do bringing fathers and sons together.


  1. Congratulations Kah-El!!! You're a Star!!!! yes!!!!! Big hugs!!

  2. Congratulations!!!!!! That is so amazing that he won all four heats! Great Work!

  3. That's awesome!! They ARE hard to win!! We did a similar thing at our church when I was a kid and I never won anything. Congrats!!

  4. What a happy day! Congratulations Kal-El!! Your hard work paid off big time.

    DJ asked me to tell you that your car is nice, and he really likes the colors you painted it.

    Now DJ wants to make a car like yours too.

    Thank you for sharing.