Thursday, May 9, 2013

Mixed and Improper Fractions

Kal-El used the fraction cut-outs box that I tucked under the fractions cabinet for the first time this week.  The end goal was to get to the addition of fractions which create sums greater than a whole.  However, first I gave him a presentation on the nomenclature for proper, apparent, improper, and mixed fractions.  I saw this presentation done in a video on Montessori Live.  If it is any of my albums I've missed seeing it (Found it.  It's in the second MRD fractions manual).

This presentation was a great stepping stone to the addition lesson because it instilled the idea that while sometimes we have reason for using or stating an improper fraction most of the time it needs to be transformed into a mixed fraction.  The fraction pizza game that we've been playing was a great stepping stone as well.  We were able to think back to "creating as many pieces as possible" to find our whole number and then recorded what was left over as a proper fraction.


Afterward Kal-El was ready to jump into his next drawer of command cards in his fraction cabinet.  He has been filling in a page full of these in his fraction notebook every day this week.  Yesterday he was extra appreciative of the fraction cut-out box versus the wooden fraction insets in frames because he could take his work outside!  I hope to wrap up our week tomorrow with a "school days" post showing you all of the work we did outside.  The neighbor is having a fence installed and we have been doing all of our schoolwork outdoors so we can watch.


  1. I *finally* got all the fraction materials from your free printable printed off - well, most of them - and have been using them to be able to continue where we left off with fractions ;) I can't thank you enough for those!

  2. You are so welcome Amy! It is so nice when I feel like something that took me so long to make is going to be used by more than just my own kids. And thank you for commenting! It's like crickets in the comments this week :)

  3. I have a materials question. I am working on purchasing materials and we are VERY short on space. I am having to pick and choose. Do you think I could only use the fraction cut outs and not purchase the fraction insets? It seems like they are used for the same thing but I am sure I don't understand it all yet. Thank you SO much for all of the work you do posting. I am reading past posts as fast as I can. :) There is an amazing amount of information on this sight.

    1. Yes, I tell people that A LOT. Just get the cut outs :)