Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Multiplication Bead Board: Introduction and Presentation 1

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Kal-El started the the multiplication bead board today.  He finished the first several presentations with the multiplication bead bars last week.  In my post on snake games I discussed how bead bar works seem to be at the beginning of the memorization sequence in my AMI albums to provide a sensorial introduction and in my AMS albums they bead bar works are always at the end of the sequence to celebrate the facts just memorized by providing practical use for them.  The multiplication sequence is no different and just as we did before, our family will use them in both positions.  We will revisit the bead bars again in the future when we do a lot more squaring work.  Right now we needed to move on and work on getting some of this memorization under his belt.

If you enlarge the photo you can see that we reviewed the nomenclature for the parts of a multiplication equation.  Kal-El defined the terms and I wrote down his definitions on the white board.  First I taught him how to use the board.  There are ten white wooden cards that slide into a slot on the left side of the board to represent the multiplicand.  The multipliers are printed at the top.  There is a red disc that you slide along the top to keep track of the multiplier.  Kal-El fills in the board with beads to find his product.  I let him experiment for a while and invent his own small equations to get used to the board.  Then I gave him the little book I made of the multiplication tables to work with.

I printed the pages from the booklet for free from Livable Learning.  You can also find the other multiplication charts free at that website including a control chart like the the one Kal-El used to check his work when he was done.  Kal-El loves getting new math materials and completed the whole booklet today.  Tonight I have to make him a booklet of squared paper to record his work with the loose equations tomorrow.


  1. I love the livable learning website :) I have gotten so many useful materials from there! Although Kal-El is a little bit younger than my oldest son, I think we are right in-line almost with where they are in math (were it not for the fact that I am going a little bit backwards in some things for the sake of mastery!), so it is neat to see Kal-El do them and get good tips before my Hoss does them! Happy Multiplying!

  2. We loved this sequence for multiplication memorization here. The Addition and Subtraction, not so much! LOL! Check out the Vedic Mathematics strategies when you have time, they have awesome techniques for remembering facts.

  3. Looking forward to learning more about how to teach my 2 yr old!