Thursday, May 16, 2013

School Days: Maths

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Kal-El chose to do a lot of work with the small bead frame this week.  As you can see he pulled out three (+, /, x) of the large drawers from our math cabinet.  I used to have these drawers separated into dynamic and static equations but I reorganized them.  I created "finished" and "unfinished" compartments instead.  I also moved all the static equations into the "finished" section because he doesn't need practice on those anyway.  He can do the equations on any apparatus he wishes. This keeps him supplied with fresh equations for whenever he doesn't want to invent his own.  He records his work on free bead frame paper from Livable Learning.  He keeps a page going until it is full at which point he punches it and adds it to his math binder.

Me Too started work on the last game on the last addition board.  I've already checked his mastery of the addition equations (through a sum of 18) with the flashcards and he knows them all.  We could move on to the subtraction boards but Me Too memorized all the steps Kal-El went through and wants to do them ALL.  It's good practice anyway.  When Kal-El finished all of the games on all of the addition boards he had not mastered all of the equations.  Me Too is doing these about a year younger than Kal-El did which makes him more "absorbent."  Also, Me Too is just better at memorizing things in general.

In this last game Me Too has organized all of the sum tiles by number.  He chooses a number, you can see he has chosen 11's to start, and then places all of that number on the board and records the equations.  In this way he reviews all the different ways to create a particular sum.

Kal-El liked the multiplication bead board with the tables book so much he asked me to make him another tables book to do before he moves on to the loose equations.  Here he has just completed the table of seven.  


  1. Great examples of math work!

    I heart the multiplication bead board, maybe because it was one of the easiest materials for me to learn how to present:)

    Right now I am in the process of making some booklets, I finally got a binder!

    By the way I am also using your postings related to rocks as a lesson plan. I am so happy that you are so detailed with your postings. I wish I give you a hug. You have helped me a lot!

    Thank you for sharing.

    1. YOU GOT A BINDER! Woo hoo! I bet with your new business you are going to be having extra fun with that! Hugs back! I'm glad the rocks posts were useful. We have some more coming up too. Kal-El loves the multiplication bead board. He says there something "just satisfying" about it.

      I love posting about these late primary math materials (even though we are using them in elementary) because one rarely sees them out and about on the homeschooling blogs. So many kids don't get to them in primary and move on to a different method for elementary or go away to school.

  2. Great works!!!! Love the idea of re'organize the drawers, well in my case, the little basquets!!lol.... Great idea!! I love that he just want more booklets!!! My princess don't like booklets!!!, you know just to make momy more creative!!!LOL Love to reads your posts!!


    1. Thank you Karen :) Isn't it funny how all the kids are so different and like the works so many different ways? I'm so grateful that the works are so flexible and it's easy to make the materials that go with them in a way that each kid will like.

      I can't wait to see what your princess does next!

  3. Love all the math work! Sorry I haven't been over in a while! I feel like things are a bit all over here! I love that your boys are still working happily with all the beads! I hope things are well with you! Happy Schooling!

    1. Stephanie,

      It looks like you've been pretty busy over there! As I was just saying to Karen, it is funny how different all the kid are. I was just thinking that when I was reading about Bunny abstracting and preferring to stay off the materials and on paper. They are all so different but all still doing so well. Gotta love Montessori!

      Kal-El is trying to abstract all the time. He has an idea in his head how it should all go. But, whenever there is exchanging things tend to go terribly wrong on paper. He needs more time with the materials. I'm excited that he's starting to get there. In fact, those equation cards I made are laminated and have space for the answer right on them. The other day we made a deal that he could do the equation in his head/on paper and write the answer on the equation with the dry erase marker. Then, he had to do the equation with the material and record the equation in his book. However, he gets to check and see "if his hypothesis was correct" as he likes to say. So far, never correct LOL :)