About Us

My Boys' Teacher

You can e-mail me at whatdidwedoallday at nym dot hush dot com.

I am a "homeschooling" mother of two boys.

Kal-El is now TEN-years-old as of December 2015 and Me Too turned eight in June 2015.  They would be in fourth and second grades respectively if they attended our local school.

This blog is my attempt to document our progress in implementing Montessori Elementary at home.  If you would like to read about our Montessori Primary journey, I invite you to peruse the archives.  You can find the very first post I ever wrote here, or in the right-hand sidebar at any time. 

 As the boys get older and friends and family get more curious that they are still not in school, I hope that this can be a place they can go to see "What DID we do all day?".

Feel free to visit my FAQ page to read even more "About Me."