Free Downloads Page

Occasionally I am able to offer a material I have made as a free download.  I am not a professional printables creator.  I apologize for anything you don't like about the files.  I am presenting them the way I created them for myself.


  1. I am trying to find the picture cards for the History of Writing. You have them in a booklet on this page. Can you tell me how to get a copy of those? The copies in my manual are no longer complete due to use.

    Thank, You!

    Shannon Callahan

    1. All the information on those pictures are in this post:

      Links to where everything was downloaded are provided. Unfortunately, one of the sources is now defunct (Moteaco).

    2. I have found the new monteaco website:

  2. Hi there, you said in a post "I have a little chart showing the order the [dwyer/gettman] folders will be introduced and which lessons in the OPG they correspond to if anyone needs that info." I would love to get that! can you email it to me? [deborah dot michelle dot stone at g-mail dot com]! :)