Muriel Dwyer

Hello!  Here is a growing collection of links to posts I have written about using the Muriel Dwyer approach at home.

And here are some links to some free Dwyer materials. (You need almost none, but eventually you need readers, the reading folders, and a phonogram dictionary.)

Here are some links to what others have to say about Dwyer.
The ORIGINAL pamphlet on the Dwyer approach can be purchased through NAMTA.  I cannot provide a direct link to the page where you can buy the pamphlet because the NAMTA changes the address of that page so frequently.  Muriel Dwyer wrote a booklet called "A Key to Writing and Reading for English" (1968, 1977).  After many requests for a reprinting, she rewrote it and it was published as "A Path for the Exploration of Any Language Leading to Writing and Reading as a part of the Total Montessori Approach to the Development of Language" in the NAMTA Journal (Vol. 29, No. 3 Summer 2004).